This Love thing is so strange

Yesterday was my birthday.  It was Sunday so he was off.  It was the strangest thing…since Saturday I had this overwhelming compulsion to hug him…it was as if I was a little girl looking for comfort…waiting for him to say it was all a bad dream.

I had to remember the texts, the lies, the tears, the insults just so I wouldn’t go do what I felt so desperately to do.  Love is strange.  How on earth I can still love him.  After all this.

Just as I was getting ready to go to the movies with my daughter, I had a shocking memory.I asked him…a few months back, you told me some co worker was celebrating her daughter’s Quinceañero and I remember you asked me to go…was that Maritza?  Yes he said as a matter of fact…I wanted you and Isa to go and spend some time with her.  My jaw dropped…I counldn’t  believe it.  He wanted me to go buy his girlfriends daugher a present and go spend time, me and my daughter, with her.  He has absolutely no dignity.

None at all.


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