One day at a time

I told my sister I’m in training.  I’m training to be strong inside and out.

I went to see a therapist on Tuesday…completely loved her.  I felt I was talking to an aunt.  To a strong, independent, don’t take shit from anybody aunt.  She told me flat out…it is wrong…the way he texted her and email her is wrong.  Friends do not talk like that…they are trying to manipulate you.

After we had our talk…she asked me to please try and do the following until we meet again on August (she was actually on vacation but she saw me as a concession) : do not confront him and do not decide anything.  She will help me get strong to deal with this and make the best decision for ME.

What a change…what a relief.  All these years everything revolved around him…not anymore.

My birthday is this Sunday, and Amazon send me a receipt for a 99 cents book I didn’t order.  It was one of this romantic type kind of novels…not what I like.  It so happens it was Frank or Satan Incarnated which how I like to call him these days.  I deleted it from my library and told him do not give me anything, it hurts, just respect me and be cordial while we are still living together.  But don’t try to ingratiate yourself by giving me something  and mostly something that is clearly not my style and so cheap.  Honestly, it was probably his dear Maritza who recommend it.  I don’t want anything from him.  I can’t even go to PF Changs since in one of his emails he wrote to her that he wished she was there with him…in our restaurant.


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