What if he never admits it?

I was emailing my sister about all this and telling her that if at least he would admit what he did instead of repeating that it is all in my mind, maybe I would feel better…hurt, but at least I wouldn’t be with a coward, a cheater yes, but not a coward.  But the mere thought of him telling me that those I love you always texts mean nothing…its humiliating.  How can someone be such a coward and cruel to say something like that?


2 thoughts on “What if he never admits it?

  1. betrayed but surviving says:

    My boyfriend made out it was all in my head and then I found the evidence proving it wasn’t.
    I came out with it and he couldn’t deny it.
    I said how Disgusting, vile and low it was to make it appear I was imagining it…. He apologised, he got wrapped up in the excitement of the attention… He even tried to say ‘they were just friends’ but couldn’t deny it any longer.
    The fear of losing me over took things…. We are trying to make it work, he has been jumping hoops to attempt to fix things.

    Try and get proof, don’t back down.
    Your happiness is important. Don’t be walked on.


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