Once upon a time…Había una vez…

Two weeks ago it just happened.  After 22 and half years, I finally had proof that my soon to be ex husband loves another.  You see, for a long time, I had the usual suspicion, but he always dismissed it as insecurity…you are just insecure he would tell me; that your inferiority complex talking.  But something happened two weeks ago that I just couldn’t dismiss my feelings any longer.  And in a weird way, it gave me comfort to finally have proof.  I’ve been hiding my feelings, my concerns for too long, I did’t trust myself since he was always claiming that he loved me and no one else.

But he doesn’t, he loves somebody else.  I’ve seen the texts, I recall the late nights, the rejection, the bad moods all the time.  I thought that if I was patient he would finally feel better, he always said that he was in a bad mood because of his stressful job, but today I realised it was because he just didn’t want to be home anymore.

But, where there is a problem, there is a solution, and since it seems that all the therapists where I live are on vacation, I decided to star a blog.  Instead of wasting my time trying to talk to him so I can understand what the hell happened, well, he won’t talk to me because apparently I’m Godzilla and I don’t want to hear what he has to say, no matter how many times and practically beg him for an explanation, so I’m blogging.


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